@The International Friendship Lounge was established to facilitate cross-cultural exchanges between the citizens of Kitamoto and foreign residents in order to promote international understanding.

Free Japanese lessons are offered on Sundays from 1:30 to 3:00.
This is followed by an activity such as sports or talks until 5:00.
Foreign residents in need of advice can also use this time to consult with a commitee member.

@Please come along.
The International Friendship Lounge is located in Kitamoto's Gakushu Centre (see Access).
Address : 13 sakae ,kitamoto-shi,saitama-ken,JAPAN
Phone : 048-592-3325@(Japanese only)
Fax @: 048-592-3325

Adress@ F@13 Sakae Kitamoto-city
Contact@F@Kitamoto-city Gakusyuu-center
TEL@F@OSW|TXQ|RRQT@(Japanese Only)